BJTS 11-3-22

1) Dr. Jacque Eaves, Jackie Richardson Jr. and Tiffany Vinyard to talk about the T.Rich Dream-Believe-Work Foundation INC. Jeans Jackets and Bowties Gala Wednesday, November 9 at the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites. This event is a fundraiser for the many events and initiatives done throughout the year for Kids For more information visit or call 501-404-7604.

2)Coach Larry Clark Jr. with Life Skills for Youth (LSY) a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by Larry Clark Sr. of Little Rock Arkansas. The goal of LSY is to create a positive alternative for youth in the community while offering mentorship and skills development that will aid them into adulthood. Since 2007 LSY has earned numerous awards for its commitment to the youth in the local community. Kids five through 18 are eligible for enrollment in the program for more information visit or call Lary at 501-517-2755.

3)Robert “Say” McIntosh Known as Arkansas’s Black Santa since 1962 with his wife Derotha Macintosh to talk about the Say Stop the Violence Movement their Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas Black Santa toy giveaway. To donate or to find out the time and place of the Events call Derotha at 501-960-2468.