BJTS 9-29-22

1) Logan Russell Community liaison for AR CARE to talk about the services that are offered by ARCARE from insurance for people formally incarcerated, helping people with substance abuse problems or the Restore Hope 100 families program. They offer several programs to help with social and economic needs in our community to find out more visit or call Logan at 501-322-1555.

2)Falayn Ferrell Managing partner with Black Restaurant week. The organization was founded in 2016 and feathers black restaurants across the United States. September 23rd to October 2nd encouraging people to visit their website to find out where you can find black Restaurant in the Arkansas area. find them on Facebook at:

3)Charles Stuwart Cofounder and CEO of the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame the talk about this year inductees into the Arkansas black Hall of Fame. The vent will be hell on October 15th at the Robinson center auditorium for tickets and more information visit.

4)Dr. Rhonda Mattox President of the Arkansas Medical Dental and Pharmaceutical Association. AMDPA Was founded by African-Americans who were not able to join white medical organization. They held bridge the gap for minorities when it comes to health issues in their communities. Visit or call 501-265-0156 for more information.